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  Math coaching in Corona Queens New York. . . Hello, Where does 27=55?



Where does 27=55? Neither in Antarctica, nor in a barren desert, or in the Amazon jungle, but in New York State in 2006! It's true when it comes to grading the NY's prestigious Regents Math A Exam. For high school students, a score of 55 on five Regents Exam is required  to graduate with a Local Diploma, and a score of 65 is required for Regents Diploma.
In 2006, 23 out of 84 questions (a mere 27%) was enough to score 55% to pass Math A Exam and 33 out of 84 points (39%) was enough to score 66% in order to get the prestigious Regents Diploma in New York State. Shame on Educrats and policy makers who invented these equalities!

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This high school student's Math A curriculum is no better than that of an sixth grader in many other countries! Why do they want to go to universities, just to learn high school topics? Where are we heading in this 21st century?

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