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        Excellent Math Coaching in Corona New York



Prepare for New York State / City Exam

classes on progress, and limited admission

Ring now: 718 592 2015

Classes for:
Regents Math

Special Classes for:
Guitar and Keyboards


Math Coaching New York City Grade 1-12

Classes are conducted by:
formerly NYC DOE H.S. Math Teacher
& New York State Regents Exam Evaluator

(online / Private Coaching)

More about my:

Math Coaching New York City Grade 1-12          

B.S. (1981) M.S. (1984) M.A. (1987)
Major: Mathematics
Optional: Physics & Statistics



Major: Mathematics
Subjects: Modern Algebra, Real Analysis and Complex Analysis, Topology and Functional Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations
Specialization:: Econometrics and Mathematical Economics
Other Subjects:  Micro Economics and Macro Economics, Theory and Application of Statistics

Educational Credits