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Leyon Lopez memorial Trophy since 1971                                            

 Jai Hind Puthenthope, Thiruvananthapuram Trivandrum Keralam

Kerala Drama Festival Trivandrum







Greetings are receiving and sending to far off places across the oceans and the mountains to the dear ones. Spirits are high, though the cold set in during the Christmas season. Incredibly the best time is the All Kerala Drama Festival usually lasts seven to ten days, ends on 31st of December every year in Puthenthope, Trivandrum, Kerala. This brings the whole community together as a single family not for an hour or so, but for the whole season, and many participants come from different parts of Kerala, hence we call it Kerala Drama Festival. I wonder how many could remember the beginning of this Kerala Drama Festival in 1971, many of you were not even born at that time.

During the silver jubilee celebration of Indian independence in 1971, many well-wishers of Jai Hind suggested to donate a Rolling Trophy as the memorial of my grandpa late Mr. Leyon Lopez to commence All Kerala Drama Festival in Puthenthope Trivandrum.

The Trophy was presented by his second son Mr. Benjamin Lopez from Kuala Lumpur. It was the humble beginning of All Kerala Drama Festival in the beautiful coast of Malabar: Puthenthope, Thiruvananthapuram (colonial version: Trivandrum), where the people live in harmony, peace and happiness. 100% Catholics, 100% literacy.
Its not in the Belgium Bell rings in the St. Ignatius Loyola Church Puthenthope, nor in the statues brought from Lourdes or in the beautiful structure of the big church which certainly challenges the elegance of many cathedrals, but the true spirit is in the heart of the hard working peace loving people of Puthenthope.
Until today, in 29 years, more than 250 amateur and professional drama theatres participated for the Rolling Trophy. Thousands of talented actors were staged from all around Keralam. Well over a million audience enjoyed, and still counting. Of course the full credit goes to the well-wishers of Jai Hind, Puthenthope.

    when I hear the song    
"meraeDhil mayaAj Kya Hae . . .
  ThuKahae ThumHay Batha thu"

which was played in the 70's before
the beginning of every drama, I'm nostalgic
      Late Mr. Leyon Lopez

And the winners of the Leyon Lopez Trophy

Puthenthope: Trophy winners since 1971

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*** Kerala Drama Festival, Puthenthope, Trivandrum ***

All Kerala Drama Festival - JaiHind: Thiruvananthapuram, Puthenthope
Leyon Lopez memorial Trophy: winners since 1971
Year Theatre Drama Chief-Guest
1971 Sangam Theatre,
Kazhakuttom, Trivandrum
Bodhi Vriksham Prof. Joseph Mundassery
1972 Kalpana,
Puthenthope, Trivandrum
Kuruthikkalam M. Krishnan Nair
1973 O.P.A.C.,
Dead Sea M. P. Appan
1974 Mithri Arts,
Kandal, Trivandrum
Bhramanam O. Ayyaneth
1975 Kalasamithi,
RakthaSandhya P. Kesav Dev
1976 Nadakasangam,
Yudtham Dr. Vellayani Arjunan
1977 Kalasamithi,
Suryakshethram V. Ramnath
1978 Jupiter Theatres,
Kunnukuzhy, Trivandrum
Brahmarpanam 'Vilasini': I. K. Menon
1979 C.M.C.,
Kaanal Jalam Abraham Joseph
1980 C.M.C.,
1981 Nehru Youth Center
Yugam Yugam Samkramam G. N. Panicker
1982 Nehru Youth Center
1983 Yuvaprathibha,
Vigraham M. P. Appan
1984 Niyogam,
Poojappura, Trivandrum
Nidhi Dr. D. Benjamin
1985 Mass Arts,
Nanthiyode, Trivandrum
Moodevittheyyam Prof. C. T. Varghese
1988 Parnasala,
Perundhachan P. K. Ahmed Kutty Maulavi
1989 Charakshma,
Kavariyilae Kalpapaadam B. Rajeevan
1990 Zim Nadakavedi,
Cheri N. A. Karim
1991 Keltron Recreation
Club, Trivandrum
Kumaaran Varunnilla Bichu Thirumala
1992 Keltron Recreation
Club, Trivandrum
Pradimayum Desadanakkiliyum George Onakkur
1993 Ramgadharmi,
Poojappura, Trivandrum
Saakshi Syam Prasad
1994 Ramgadharmi,
Poojappura, Trivandrum
Paalangal Dr. Puthusseri Ramachandran
1995 Bhaasamudra,
Poojappura, Trivandrum
Gypsies K. P. Krishna Kumar

Kerala Keralam Thiruvananthapuram Trivandrum Puthenthope Chittattumukku Menamkulam Thumba Pallithura Kazhakuttom Puthenthope

Jai Hind PuthenThope Trivandrum

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