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LeoBa Media, New York

Leo Suresh, Leoba Media

The Bessette Sisters        

The Bessette sisters did their schooling in upstate New York. Later they moved down to Connecticut. Lauren did her senior high in Greenwich. She graduated from Hobart High in 1982 and from William and Smith college in 1986. "She was bright and articulate, had a lot of self confidence. Never seemed satisfied once she got interested in something," recalled her Economics professor and school advisor.

Specialized in Asian investment and was working in Hong Kong until a year ago. At the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, she began a stunning rise from an entry level to the vice-president and to principal and very little away from partner. She earned MBA from the Warton School, University of Pennsylvannia during her career. 34 year old investment banker was rising rapidly in the world of International Finance.

Carolyn and Lauren were exceptional and accomplished young women who reflected the extraordinary qualities.