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LeoBa Media, New York

Leo Suresh, Leoba Media

Graduation ceremony at VJT Hall - 1987
Tharanga Nisari School of Music, Trivandrum


K. J. Yesudas awards LeoSuresh

KJ Yesudas awards Leo Puthenthope 1987 Tharanganisari School of Music Trivandrum

"I consider this as one of the greatest achievements as it is a recognition of long years of my hard work and discipline from one of the greatest singers who knows it very well. So many prestigious awards to his credit, and getting an award from our beloved K.J. Yesudas, after years of training from his own music school(Tharanga Nisai Music School, Trivandrum), is something remarkable. This is one of the best moments of my life I love to cherish than becoming the dual citizen of Canada and the US.
Through music I share the feelings of rich souls, understand the depth of Indian culture and it's power of divine nature."  - Leo from New York