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St. Leo Catholic School Corona Queens  

about my School: I'm not just another student, but a crème de la crème, a pride student of Saint Leo Catholic School Corona Queens in New York City. It is founded by the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and managed by the Diocese of Brooklyn.
I have many good friends, and many caring and dedicated teachers, and excellent leadership in my school. They always help me thrive for the best.
about my Parents: My Mom, a case manager with the New York City Human Resources. My Dad was an educator with the New York City DOE, a proctor and an evaluator of high school Regents Math examinations of NY State.

For certain reason, I'm not using any names, though this is a personal and a secured website.
I will use this for a better understanding of my lessons. Many students and teachers from different parts of the world may share their educational ideas and new concepts.
Let's grow together in love and peace. Thanks for visiting my website.
Priya Queens New York