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Sight-seeing: After finishing the mission at Sayoojya, we will guide you for a beautiful sight seeing, if you need. This is specially intended for the visitors from North Kerala, or visitors from the Gulf and other countries.

Neyyardam: It is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in South Kerala. It is really blessed with natural panoramic beauty. Everyone can enjoy the Open Air Lion Safari Park in Neyyardam. The other attractions are the Botanical Garden and the Dam itself. It would be a wonderful experience and could not be missed as it is only seven kms. away from Sayujya Retreat Centre.

Trivandrum - the Capital city of Kerala: The capital city of Kerala is gifted with ancient monuments, churches, temples, palaces of ancient kings, museum, zoo and planetarium. The Secretariat and Assembly Hall are the symbol of ancient and modern architecture

Kovalam: It is one of the most popular international tourist destinations, just 25kms from Kattakada. The natural scenic beauty of the sea and the curved beaches attracted by thousands of foreign and as well as Indian tourists. It is really a blessing of enjoying the marine beauty.

Vettukad: Vettukad is famous for the blessing of "KRISTU RAJA" (Christ The King). It is one of the most popular pilgrim centres in South Kerala. People from all walks of life irrespective of religion - Hindus, Muslims along with Christians - are visiting the church and getting miraculous blessings and healings from "Christ the King!"



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