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        61% New York City Kids Flunk in 2006



About 61% Grade 8 students in NYC Public School are failed in 2006 State Math Exam. More than 40% of kids in Grade 3 to 8 failed to meet NY State Math Standards this year. It's disgraceful to see only 38.9% Grade 8 students in NYC Public Schools passed in the State Math Exam, but about three quarter of Grade 3 students passed.
Just as with the State English Language Arts Exam, more and more city students are failing in the State Math Exam as they get older. The passing rate is dropping considerably as they move from Elementary (25% fail), to Middle School (61% flunk), and to High School (85% flunk).

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Ignorance is costlier than ever before. Wake up parents! Could you switch off the da-n TV, and open your child's math text book. Check how many problems he/she had done correctly, and how many are not done, or not even checked after so many months. May be you are hard working parents and have not enough time to help. We are here to help you. Call today, before it's too late.
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