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Tutoring Grade 1-12 Queens New York City    
Coaching New York State Regents High School Examination          Private COACHING CENTER in Queens                                                                Serving all communities in New York City  

Grade 4 8 New York State Examination

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Grade 4 8 New York State Examination

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Tutoring Coaching New York City Grade 1-12 Regents Mathematics Physics Chemistry



Knowledge Liberty Justice New York City  

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About us:

Since 1986, we are helping very many students in the US and Canada, to improve their grades, to raise their test scores, to learn productive study skills, to build their academic vigor and self-confidence, and to reach their full potential.
Above all, we are molding their characters


Our professional expertise could take away the tremendous amount of burden and frustration from both the students and their parents. Our success secret is simple, once we understand the strengths and weaknesses of our students, we set goals and work persistently to improve their abilities and to take them from one level to another.

We strictly follow the New York State and National standards irrespective of what do they learn or do not learn in the crowded classrooms in a private or public schools.

According to New York City Department of Education, parents are the primary educators. But it is very unfortunate that many parents have not much time left after a day's hard work to teach their children. We are here to help you all, and no student should be left behind as the US Federal Law says.

We believe that there is no better investment than investing on a child's education. Call us Today. Tel: 718 592 2015


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