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Leo Suresh, Leoba Media

Millennium Bash an Year Earlier        

In New York, Time square will be extraordinarily busy, in Sydney fireworks might be the biggest event, and the millennium dome opening in London is going to be another episode of keeping up appearances. But the saddest part is that many of the crowd going to assemble in these locations do not know the next millennium, the third millennium is beginning on Jan 1 2001, when we are following the Gregorian callendar. That means when the Big Ben struck 12 at mid night on Dec 31 1999, we're not celebrating the beginning of the next millennium, we need to wait one ordinary year and one more day - since 2000 is a leap year- for the beginning of the next millennium.

As for as a consumer is concerned, on sale '2 for 1' is preferable in most cases. And how many consumers know the seller is not a stupid to sell two for the cost of one. Who is the winner here? consumer think he is. And thats the secret of '2 for 1' sales. This is what happens here in the millennium bash.

Instead of celebrating millennium on Jan 1 2001, getting ready for millenium bash on Jan 2000. Do you know anyone celebrates his tenth birthday two times? Do you know anybody say tomorrow is Tuesday on Sunday? Do you know the Romans did not know about zero (not ten or hundred or thousand but just zero)?

Zero is a Hindu-Arabic numeral, many hundreds of years ago invented by the Indians. Had the Romans knew about zero, the first millennium would have started from 0 A.D. but it started from 1 A.D. I'm not surprised 'cause how do we expect one to consume an unknown quantity which is unimaginable at that period.

I never intended to put much time into this website, because history taught us that it repeats again and again but the basic human nature will never change though we claim we live in the technological revolution.  People like Gandhi, Hitler, Bethovan, Elvis, Socrates, Freud, Michael Angelo, Piccasso, Newton, Einstein will born again and so Lewinskis. We accept mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. It affects the generations yet to come.
Once in a coutyard when the King was wearing his birth dress in a special occassion, everyone around him praised his immacculate beauty of his dress, but the pundits around were ashamed when the King exploded as a kid shouted, "shame, our King is naked."

When the so called civilized man will learn to say wrong is wrong and right is right? (I did say so many times and it cost me many jobs) That depends, depends on the situation they live and to whom we are talking and why we are talking, for existence.

Coming back to the bash. At first, I was quite angry about peoples conception of the wrong date 1/1/2000 as the beginning of the new millennium as long as we are following the Gregorian calendar. I thought, well, this wasn't something to get so stressed about, and this will not affect any physical quantities and the Earth is not going to revolve from the East to the West either.

The question, "When Does the New Millennium Begin?", arouses great controversy, divides families and causes sleepless nights. And many of us are not an exception in this matter. This website is the result of a painstaking effort of finding the truth, nothing but the truth. Most experts in calendrical matters will answer that the new millennium begins on January 01, 2001, despite the fact that this answer is not the one that most people would like to hear.

What surprised me is that how could one forget the meaning of millennium. Its a period of one thousand years.


When the first millennium begins on January 01, 0001

it ends on December 31, 1000.

And the second millennium begins on January 01, 1001

it ends on December 31, 2000.

And the third millennium begins on January 01, 2001

it ends on December 31 3000, and so on.

This can be easily explained with the help of a simple analog clock:

Measure the time when the needle is at 1 (like 1AD). It won't be ten hours when the needle reach at 10. It need to reach the next digit for ten hours. Why this discrepancy? Answer is simple: it started from 1. Had there's a zero and started from zero, it should've been covered ten hours when it reached at 10, but it started from one.