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KERALAM: of two millennia

Leoba media, New York
The lush land of coconut palms(cocos nucifera) and spices: peppar, ginger, cardomom, cinnomon. History is ancient and splendid as well. As the rich greenery, so is the most densely populated region in India.
The Western Ghats(Sahyadri) prevented them to go farther, but the Arabian sea in the West and the Indian Ocean open-up a whole new world to do business from the earlier period, causes a distinctive nature of the Keralites, popularly known as the Malayaees since they speak MalayalaM, the only name of language which is "? ".
High levels of education, health care and athletics have given Maayalees an enviable reputation elsewhere in India. Hindus, Muslims and Christians live in good terms unlike other places. Their organizing ability is somewhat distinct. No wonder, one can easily find a Malayalee Association almost anywhere in the world.
LAND: According to the theory of Geologists, this narrow coastal fringe of 39,000 sq. km. landon the western side of the Western Ghats has been raised from the sea in the last one million years. Stretching from the mountains of 'Sahyadri', the Western Ghats in the East to the attractive coconut palm lined beaches in the West. Wonderful hillstations in Munar, the central mountain region and Ponmudi in the South and Sultan Battery. in the North.
Coastal line: