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Thiruvananthapuram Puthenthope, Leo Bhavan

Joy: Leo Bhavan, Puthenthope, Thiruvananthapuram

I am Joy. Life is too short for not being joy.  I studied in Fatima college, and in Cochin Maharaja's college. Participated in Western Classical Guitar and Drums (Percussion) competitions in the University Youth Festival, conducted in Kottayam in 1984. Published many articles in the College magazines. Poetry writing is also on of my hobbies. Special interests in Accounting, Business Management and Sociology. The film star Suresh Gopi was a co-student while I was in Fatima College.

Since 1985, I was working in different cities in India. Calcutta-Chowringhee  Trading Corporation, Madras Steel Company, Bangalore Kaycee Rubbers,  Tonofoam, Manipur Angels English School, Goa Dempo etc.

I worked at various levels as Accountant, Marketing Executive, Teacher,  Asst. Divisional Manager, and so on.  In Muscat, I worked for a prominent Ad agency as a marketing manager.  Worked for Oman Air's in-flight Magazine. I compiled and published articles about Trivandrum, Dubai, Muscat, Kerala Tourism and Gulf tourist attractions.

In 1995 to 1999, successfully executed many assignments. And worked in different stages as Visualizer, Copy writer, Marketing Executive, Advertising Manager etc.

Hobbies: Traveling.  I traveled a lot in India, from Kerala to Manipur via AP, Orissa, West Bengal, Assam, Nagaland. From there to Kashmir, and to Bombay, via Bihar, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat. Bangalore and Goa are my best  destinations. Since we get free first class Railway Pass every year for the family, we traveled many places. Our father worked in Indian Railway Bombay, for about 25 years as a Supervisor.

I went to Bangalore to learn many things, and lived there for few years. Then went to Muscat and worked there for about 13 years.  Life was interesting, though the oil was draining out in Oman as in many other places.  I really enjoyed the life in Muscat with my family and with lots of friends.

Using the latest technology, animation and multi-media production is my new business. Currently establishing my own Multimedia fully digital facility for Post-production in Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram. And also I started a  Computer Study Centre.

Internet keeps everyone of us well connected.  But I believe that the cyber world is not going to bring success to everyone.  Reality is always different than the virtual world.

My Interests: Main interests are Indian classical music and dance.  I play guitar, and performed in many places.  I studied music at Kala Bhavan, Ernakulam in the early 80's and represent Maharaja's college for the Kerala University Youth Festival. Animation and multi-media production are my new interests. Life is too short for not being joy.

My work can be seen from many other websites in broadband.

Year before, we did a historical move in TV Broadcasting. The Stations of Cross was designed with all the innovative effects by our JocianDigital, a new multimedia facility in Trivandrum, and it was broadcasting through Trivandrum Cable Channel in Kerala. The title was "A Pilgrimage to Calvary," a program, based on the passion of Jesus. The 14 stations towards the Calvary was designed with hundreds of images, animations, songs, and with all fantastic effects. The Cable TV Network broadcated it everyday at 7 p.m. It's an one hour program.

Most of the people in Trivandrum  watched this impressive program during the lent. And now our facility is fully devoted for the production of many such programs.



Trivandrum Puthenthope Joy Leo Bhavan

My Family:  I married to Cindu.  We have a wonderful daughter named Angeline.

My Friends: As the proverb goes: Friend in need is a friend indeed. When it comes to friendship, my list is so big. I had so many friends like Azhar; Francis Pereira; Prem; Hyacinth D'cruz; Donald D'cruz; Robinson D'cruz; Biju; Nelson; Watson; Henry; Francis D'cruz; Vijayan; Tomy was in Kuwait and Israel; Robi Kuwait; Nelson Kuwait; Rudolf-Unni; Ronald Gomez Muscat; Nixon Dubai; Herman; Alfred G.Pereira Dubai; Sheelin Mathew London; Robin; Teddy Gomez; Rudolf G. Pereira; D'Silva; Roy London; Tommy Lopez; Roosevelt Pereira Singapore; Alencier Lopez Actor, Fr. Napoleon; Sunil Gerald; S. N. Roy; Reynolds; Simon; Titus; Blacid Kuwait; Eugene; Shallow Kuwait; Mathew Roshan; Levi Joseph Kuwait; Ignatius Pereira; Ferdinand - Postman; Aloysius; Basil; Christopher D'Silva Manager SBT; Tom;  Gerald Pereira Muscat; Lloyd; Peter Glen, best friend & cousin; Peter Damien; Jimmy; Francis Kochan UK; Tajan; Lazar D'silva Kuwait; Mike Kuwait; Kumar Kuwait; Justin Babu; Jimmy Francis; Filgi Thomas . . .






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