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Thiruvananthapuram Puthenthope, Leo Bhavan
  Joshy: Leo Bhavan, Puthenthope, Thiruvananthapuram

After my studies, I went to Bangalore to learn Computer Graphics & Animation Also I worked as Graphics designer in Bangalore and now in Muscat, working for Arab House of Advertising since 1992. Recently, I am taking assignments from Singapore, Toronto, Los Angeles, and New York.

This wonderful world of internet makes my life much easier. Now I swap my work in Graphics and Animation for the commercials all-over the world in seconds, sitting at the comfort of my desk.

My Interests:

Computer Graphics, Animation, and Painting are some of my hobbies. I do love music, everything from old, new, classical, light, country, pop, hip hop. I'm the kind of a person, who always love to hear K. J. Yesudas day and night. Movies of Mammooti and Mohan Lal are the one make my free time more enjoyable. I love watching Malayalam movies.



Trivandrum Puthenthope: Joshy
    My Family: I married to Sheen and we had two wonderful children named Tiona and Tino.

My Friends are cool, they are very hardworking and live happily with their families, and that's what life's all about. Some of them are working in Kuwait, UAE and in Muscat.



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