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Leo Suresh, Leoba Media

Farewell to the American Prince

  JFK Jr. a True New Yorker

JFK Jr. known as 'John John' was born in Washington D.C., on Nov. 25 1960, two and half weeks after his father's presidential election, the only child ever born to an American President elect. The nation first met him as the playful boy in the Oval office. The enduring moment of the Washington funeral was when the 'brave little soldier' saluted his father's passing horse-driven casket, outside St. Matthew's Cathedral, on his third birthday without knowing the depth of the sorrow. But America filled with tears and start watching his moves ever after.
Within months after his father JFK's assassination, his mother Jaqueline Kennedy moved to New York, where she raised her children John and Caroline. Later Jaqueline Kennedy married to Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onasis, and widowed again. Unlike other Kennedys, JFK Jr. never entered politics directly. He turned his attention to variety of pursuits. Hopes of becoming an actor vanished when his mom turned thumps down.

Graduated B.A. (History) degree in 1983 from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

"The Hunk Flunks," read a tabloid headline when he failed his bar exam twice. At last he graduated from New York University Law School in 1989.

Clerkship at the Justice Department, Washington D.C.
Internship at Manatt, Rothenberg & Philips - L.A.

Pre-occupation: Assist. District Attorney - Manhattan

After 'six-nothing' conviction record, he left the job as a prosecutor to start his magazine; new occupation: Editor-in-chief, George, founded in 1995.
On launching his 'George - not just politics as usual' magazine, "It was important to me to go outside the political arena for a number of reasons. I think everyone needs to feel that they have created something that was their own, on their own terms." He interviewed many international figures for his magazine. The week before the accident, he flew with a co-pilot to Buttonville near Toronto with his cast leg without a shoe, to sell share of his magazine, such a hard working person.

People magazine said earlier, "he's the sexiest man alive" and "The most eligible bachelor". He's a celebrity even before his birth, not like the princess after wedding. He dated the famous actress Daryl Hanna and the singer Madonna, before Carolyn Bessette stole his heart. Married Carolyn Bessette, whom he met in a park while jogging, in an ultra secret fashion in Cumberland Island off Georgia, to avoid paparazzi.

On Sep 21, 1996 when the local gospel singers sung 'Amazing Grace', all the 40 guests secretly ferried overnight squeezed into a tiny chapel for the wedding. This chapel has withstood every storm and hurricane since it was built in 1893. With no electricity the scriptures were read in flashlight. The white chapel was decorated with candles and wild flowers and vines from the lush 17 miles long Island for the special occasion.

His sister was the matron of honor and his cousin John Radziwell, was the best man. "Carolyn made him the happiest man alive," he said after the wedding. Reception at the Greyfield Inn, the only hotel in the Island. They spend the night at the private home of the owner of the hotel. The wedding took place the way they wanted, surrounded by just family and friends.

The media surprised, got only one photograph of the wedding, John tenderly kissed the hand of his bride as they stepped out of the tiny chapel.
Only two anniversaries, not the third. What could have been if they had more time to honor and cherish each other?

When he introduced his uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy to the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta in June 30 1988, the standing ovation for two minutes proved he is so powerful and favorite in the political arena, though he didn't enter into politics. He declined to run for the seat on Manhattan's west side when Rep. Ted Weiss died in 1992.
And his close friends knew the year 2000 senate seat of New York was his and later given away for the first lady, Mrs. Clinton.


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