High School equivalency Diploma
US / Canada

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High School Diploma

G.E.D. what's that?

who accepts G.E.D.?

who are eligible?

what's tested for G.E.D.?

what's after G.E.D.?

prepare for the G.E.D. test

This website helps you prepare
for the
G.E.D. test
the High School equivalency Diploma
in the U.S. and Canada.







The G.E.D. General Education Development Diploma
is equivalent to the High School Diploma
in the U.S. and Canada.







Many Universities, Community Colleges and Vocational Institutes accept G.E.D.
Many employers, Unions, City, State (Province) and Federal Civil Services also accept G.E.D.









Adults who are not in high school or who left school without graduating can take the G.E.D. test, as long as they meet other eligibility requirements set by their state department of education. For instance, many states have minimum age and residency requirements.












G.E.D. is a set of five separate tests in the core high school curriculum areas of
G.E.D. focus on skills not on contents covered in a four year high school and no need to memorize specific dates, names and places. The test composed entirely of multiple choice questions and a 200 word essay in the writing skills test.







Passing the G.E.D. test and earning a high school equivalency diploma enables to qualify for more jobs and opportunities.
G.E.D. graduates can qualify to attend college, enter training programs and get better jobs. For many, its a major life achievement, a milestone or a turning point.





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