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LeoBa Media, New York

Leo Suresh, Leoba Media

Stacking Donuts or Hevenly Music      

This web site is created only for a music enthusiast who is capable of digging deep in the realm of music Carnatic or the Western without any pre-conception.
The author studied music at Conservatory of Music in Toronto, CAC Cochin and also had a four years' Music diploma from Tharaga Nisari School of Music (of KJ Yesudas' Music School, Trivandrum)

The first part of the series mainly focused on Western Classical Music and the second part on the complexities of the Carnatic Music.

Western Music

Notes & Scales



Inversions & Voicing

Musical forms & Maestro

Carnatic Music



Musical Forms

Gita, Swarajathis, Varnam & Kriti

Musical forms & Gurus

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